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Network Board Automotive Coin Embedded PCB Build Up High Layer

TV BLU (Edge Type) TV BLU (Directly Type) Moniter BLU Lighting
TV BLU (edge) TV BLU (직하) Moniter BLU 조명
As the eco-friendly business has become an issue, LED lighting, which is one of the eco-friendly business areas, is receiving a lot of attention. In line with this, Terranix produces lightning products including indoor lighting (bulb, L-light, flat panel lighting, down light), outdoor lighting (horizontal lighting), and special lighting.
Base Material MCCL
No. of Layers 1 L
Board Thickness 32 ~ 120 [mil] 0.8 ~ 3.0 T
Max. Boase Size 240 * 220 [mm]
Min. Pattern Width 4 [mil] 100 [㎛]
Min. Pattern Space 4 [mil] 100 [㎛]
Min. Drill Size 40 [mil] 1.0 [mm]
Surface Treatment ENIG, OSP, ENEPIG
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