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Technical Related Site
Name (Association/Institute/company/Government departments) URL
KPCA (Korea Printed Circuit Association) www.kpca.or.kr
PCB Information Korea www.pcbinfo.co.kr
Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service www.kipris.or.kr
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute www.etri.re.kr
Electronics Information Center www.eic.re.kr
International Institute of Information Techno www.ktechno.co.kr
Korea Electronics Techology Institute www.keti.re.kr
Korea Electronics Association www.gokea.org
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information www.kisti.re.kr
National Discovery for Science Leaders www.ndsl.kr
KITECH www.kitech.re.kr
Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology www.keit.re.kr
KMAC www.kmac.or.kr
Korea Industrial Technology Association www.koita.or.kr
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