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Overview and History
Terranix has confidence and compassion We will compete with our upmost product, PCB for LED
Company Overview
Terranix is a mid-sized company with a solid financial structure that has been producing only PCB for the past 20 years after being separated from Korea Circuit, a leading company in PCB industry, Korea. We have been producing High-Multilayer PCB for memory modules and mobile devices, and recently, we have strengthened our position as a global leader in metal PCB focusing on LED PCB used in home appliances and lighting.

With customer satisfaction as its top priority in quality and delivery, we will pursue the best work efficiency and become a company trusted by customers through cost innovation that increases productivity and reduces waste. In the future, Terranix will continue to secure differentiated technologies such as PCB heat dissipation, high-current transfer, and large back panel fabrication techniques to attract outstanding customers and achieve remarkable growth. We will strengthen our position by focusing on the field of telecommunications (lighting), and become a leading company in PCB through transparent management for customers and shareholders.
  CEO : James Jong
Estabilshed : 1994. 7. 25.
Capital : 3360 millon won
Employee : 107
HEAD Office and Main Plant  : 12. Jangjagol-ro, Ansan, Kyungki-do, Korea
Tel : 031) 494-7441
Fax : 031) 436-5899
2010~현재   2010


  Developed and Mass-produced 2Layer Metal PCB for LED TV BLU
Made integrated CI of Youngpoong Group subsidiaries in electronics
Developed Coin Embedded PCB for RRH AMP
Registered patent of Bendable PCB
Mass-produced Samsung NW LTE communication repeater (Coin Embedded PCB)
Developed high reflective COB type Metal PCB for lighting
Developed RRH Hybrid Coin Embedded PCB
Developed Pedestal technology for automobile main light (patent registered)
Mass-produced 5G Antenna, acquired long-sized (800mm) PCB process capability
LG Innotek Cooperative Association
Selected as an excellent product from Hyundai Kia Motors, presented and displayed


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(606-4, Seonggok-dong)12, Jangjagol-lo, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do 425-833, Republic of Korea
Tel. 031) 494-7441 Fax. 031) 436-5899
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