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To eliminate and/or minimize environment pollution that may arise during the manufacturing process, Terranix  Co., Ltd., have effectively managed the cause of the pollution and with the continuous improvements to such management system and investments, Terranix now possesses a facility to handle up to 1,500 tons of liquid waste. Together with the implementation of physical and chemical waste processing methods, Terranix will minimize environment pollutants and become an active leader in environment preservation.




Discharge Standard



Allowable Discharge Concentration over Allowable Discharge Standard (%)

pH   5.8~8.6 6.85  
SS ppm 120 2 1.7
COD ppm 130 74.5 57.3
n-H(광유류) ppm 5 0.6 12
n-H(동식물류) ppm 30 0.1 0.3
Cu ppm 3 0.52 17.3
T-N ppm 120 5.2 4.3
T-P ppm 8 0.03 0.4
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