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Network Board Automotive Coin Embedded PCB Build Up High Layer

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Automotive Network Board Build up High Layer Coin Embedded PCB

Coin(copper) inside the PCB are embedded in the heat generated when amplifying the input signal through a power amplifier (RF Power Amplifier, abbreviated Amp) that amplifies the input signal to the wireless communication system and transmits it to the antenna. This is a technology that maximizes the heat dissipation effect, and Terramix"s technology has secured the highest reliability in Korea. In addition, in the electric device market, high heat dissipation technology has been recently demanded, and Coin Embedded technology has been upgraded. We are focusing on the commercialization of Coin PCB by advanced development with customers.

Base Material FR-4 , Ceramic , Teflon
No. of Layers 2 ~ 14 L
Board Thickness 96 ~ 116 [mil] 2.4 ~ 2.9 T
Min. Pattern Width 4 [mil] 0.1 [mm]
Min. Pattern Space 4 [mil] 0.1 [mm]
Min. Drill Size 12 [mil] 0.3 [mm]
Min. Laser Drill Size  
Surface Treatment ENIG
Impedance Control 10%
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