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Network Board Automotive Coin Embedded PCB Build Up High Layer

TV BLU (Edge Type) TV BLU (Directly Type) Moniter BLU Lighting
Automotive Network Board Build up High Layer Coin Embedded PCB

As the autonomous driving technology in the electronic market expands, the technology of Build Up PCB is required in active technologies such as Telematics and Camera Ecu. We are doing our best to introduce new technologies and apply PCB production based on reliability and high density integration applied to SPEC of electric devices

Base Material FR-4 , Harogen Free , RoHS
No. of Layers 4 ~ 16 L
Board Thickness 40 ~ 128 [mil] 1.0 ~ 3.2 T
Min. Pattern Width 3.2 [mil] 80 [㎛]
Min. Pattern Space 3.2 [mil] 80 [㎛]
Min. Drill Size 8 [mil] 0.2 [mm]
Min. Laser Drill Size 3.2 [mil] 100 [㎛]
Surface Treatment ENIG, OSP
Impedance Control 10%
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